How Bespoke are our bespoke kitchens?

Beautiful Kitchen Style shown - Opus Gloss White with Curved Doors

At Lincoln Jordan Interiors we consult, design and manufacture beautiful kitchens and for us bespoke kitchens is bespoke in the purist sense.

Whilst some flat-pack kitchen firms claim to offer `bespoke kitchens` in the sense that the kitchen is yours and yours alone, the use of the word bespoke in this manner is being used very very liberally as technically you could argue your McDonalds HappyMeal is bespoke as it is also yours (made from scratch) and not shared, and no one would consider saying that a flat-pack kitchens or a HappyMeals are one-off unique items.

Truly Bespoke Kitchens

We at Lincoln Jordan Interiors, the Manchester kitchens specialist firmly believe in the purist sense of the word bespoke in that unlike with flat-pack kitchens were you can only have a one size fits all solution to both your kitchen cabinetry and doors, with us you can have any size you want.

Because we have our own 10,000 sq/ft manufacturing base in Manchester we can make custom one off bespoke kitchens to fit any floor print, unusual dimensions and all our kitchens are painted and handcrafted on site.

Nice Kitchens, What about the Colour?

We can design any kitchen not just bespoke to each customers unique specifications in terms of floor plan and dimensions but style and with a colour palette of more than 6000 colours you can have any colour you want, be it for the doors or kitchen cabinetry interiors. We can use exact colours from the likes of Fired Earth & Farrow and Ball plus we have a Colour Matching Service where we can match any colour you give us a sample of, meaning you literally can have any colour you want.

Our extensive Colour Palette and Colour Matching Service is not just bespoke its unique and something you simply cannot get from other kitchen companies.

About Us
Lincoln Jordan are a North West based bespoke kitchens specialist, offering our discerning customers, quality designed handcrafted kitchens.

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