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Beautiful Kitchens is not just a magazine for some great inspiration about kitchens, Beautiful Kitchens is what we at Lincoln Jordan Interiors (The Manchester Kitchens Specialist) are all about…

As we can attest to, and which most of those in the kitchen industry will confirm, from the writers at Beautiful Kitchens magazine, to those in the supply network and the designers and retailers small and large, the UK kitchen industry right now is very polarised, both in terms of the type of customer buying new kitchens and the styles that they chose.

Home Movers, Improvers and Shakers

With 1m UK households in negative equity and the property market pretty much on its knees outside of London more and more people are staying put and not moving home and as a result, attitudes have changed.

No longer are homeowners looking to buy a property, put in a cheap flat-pack kitchen, a B&Q bathroom and a lick of paint looking to then sell on the property and trade up with a profit, all in a matter of months. What has happened is that people are looking at properties in a more long term viewpoint, and in doing so are taking the time  and investing in new kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms to make a quick profit, but to make their home a better living space for their own needs.

Modern European v Classic but Contemporary

In terms of polarisation in the styles of kitchens, most UK consumers are equally divided between those wanted handle-less kitchens (such as Malmö Graphite and Porcelain Gloss Handleless Kitchen) which are styled based on the creative designers of the German and Italian kitchen industry, or they are opting for something more traditional but still contemporary such as an in-frame kitchen.

Introducing Milton Walnut as featured in Beautiful Kitchens magazine Feb 2013 up and coming issue.

As you can see from the above photo the In-frame kitchen Milton Walnut from Lincoln Jordan Interiors has that feel of sophistication, quality and exclusivity. In-Frame kitchens such as Milton Walnut embody the essential elements of style to inject sophistication into any home with ease and an understated charm.

As the above showcase photo shows in the Beautiful Kitchens magazine Feb 2013 issue, the warmth and earthy tones of the walnut are perfectly and somewhat effortlessly contrasted yet complemented by the white walls, subtle down-lighter spotlights in the ceiling and the stainless steel Elica extractor just completes the look to a tee.

With an island, and two banks of wall units, one being a tall bank with pull out larders, the other bank with shallow depth wall units so as to give more above food prep room without bumping your head leaning over the worktop (which if you are over 6ft is an issue with most full depth wall units) the kitchen layout is suitable for large families, entertaining, dinner parties, and with a breakfast bar and stools, still versatile enough for a quick meal for one or two.

You certainly can’t fault Milton Walnut for its versatility.

With its classical in-frame design, and distinctive walnut colouring, adding luxurious warmth to any new kitchen design its no wonder why Milton Walnut is one of the UK’s most popular choices for in-frame design and why it is featured in the Beautiful Kitchens magazine Feb 2013 issue.

If you are in the market for In-frame Kitchens, Contemporary Kitchens, Shaker Style Kitchens, or something more European such as Handle-less Gloss Kitchens, then let us at Lincoln Jordan Interiors (The Manchester Kitchens Specialist) guide you through the wealth of choice to create a stunningly Beautiful Kitchen bespoke to your needs.

What Next

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