Kitchen Ideas For the Small Home

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Typically found in small homes, especially flats and apartments, where space is a premium, the one-wall kitchen design works by keeping all appliances, cooking tools and ingredients within easy reach.

In most modern apartments, architects tend to lean more towards the open plan and studio type kitchen layout. Even if the apartment has one or two bedrooms, most new builds do have a combined living space and kitchen area. As shown below, even though the showroom has a little more room than some apartments, the principle is the same, and only one wall is used to house the kitchen.

Lincon Jordan Kitchens Manchester - avant_whiteWith one wall / single wall kitchen installations, as per the contemporary kitchen style example above (Avant White by Lincoln Jordan), the sink often sits between the cooking area (hob/oven) and fridge/freezer, a convenient location for easy cleanup. This type of design also offers some counter space on both sides of the cooking area, which is an important ease of use and safety consideration.

Unfortunately, the sink, cooking area and fridge/freezer still take up a fair amount of counter space, so finding enough worktop/room for food preparation can be a challenge. In a truly tiny one-wall kitchen, compact appliances such as a 24-inch single oven or single fridge (with a single integrated freezer draw) can add some counter space while also providing more room for cabinet storage. Using the dining table or a stand alone kitchen island for additional work space is another common solution, space permitting.

These days, with such attention to detail, and innovation from kitchen appliances manufacturers, a one-wall kitchen with a built-in cabinetry island across from it has become one of the popular layouts, even in homes that aren’t that small, but that perhaps have open floor plans.

The upshot is that whatever space you have, be it small flat, studio apartment, or terraced home, there are so many difference kitchen design options for you to consider, and Lincoln Jordan Interiors offer a free, consultation and design planning service, taking the headache out of what limited space you may have.

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