Choosing the right Dishwasher – A guide to Neff dishwashers

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In todays modern age, dishwashers are always evolving, with new and innovative features being added more often than ever before.

Lincoln-Jordan KitchensNeff is at the front of this charge towards cutting edge, functional and easy to use products, none more so than in their line of dishwashers. This is a simple guide to all of the features and functions that are available along the Neff line, to help you pick the perfect dishwasher to suit your needs.

There are 3 difference styles of Neff dishwasher to pick from to fit your requirements and make up your modern kitchen design. First of all, there is the full size line, which is a great choice when space is not an issue. They have been designed to be as flexible as possible and allow for large and varied loads to be washed easily and effectively with adjustable baskets and racks.

The slimline dishwashers are perfect for the less spacious kitchen. The S5943X2GB model for instance, is just 45cm wide and can fit almost anywhere, whilst retaining many useful features and a surprisingly spacious set of racks.

There is also the inline dishwashers which have been designed to be built in with other appliances in your kitchen. Again, this line can be very compact with the S65M63 model standing at only 45cm tall. Being built in with other compact appliances can help free up even more space, as well as looking consistent with any modern kitchen design.

Lincoln-Jordan Kitchens

Neff dishwashers often use programmes to help make dishwashing easier and more effective. There are three automatic programmes; delicate, normal and intensive, that allow you to pick the correct washing temperature and avoid problems related to using a wash too hot or cold, which can damage more delicate glassware.

The VarioSpeed programme is able to provide a fast wash option that can be up to 50% quicker than a normal wash, whilst still providing hygienically clean and dry results.

The Halfload programme is extremely useful when you cannot wait for the washing to pile up and only want to wash a smaller load. This programme is very energy efficient and uses 30% less water and 15% less energy than that of a full load.

The Hygiene option is a great feature for a little extra peace of mind when it comes to washing particular items that may require extra cleaning, such as chopping boards and meat based utensils. The Hygiene option allows an extra hot final rinse for 10 minutes to make certain that all of the dangerous bacteria have been washed away and the load is completely safe and clean.

Neff dishwashers also contain many exclusive and effective functions; here are just a few to help you decide just which Neff appliance is perfect to your needs.

The Child Safety lock is a brilliant addition to any family with younger members, and allows for a greater peace of mind with the child lock preventing young children from being able to open the door and risk being burnt or trapped.

With the time delay function, you are able to pre-programme the dishwasher in advance to make the most of off peak electricity costs, helping you save money in the long run as well as helping with energy efficiency.

The VarioDrawer offers an extra level of space for maximum flexibility and capacity, meaning you can wash larger items such as soup ladles very easily, saving you time and hassle when it comes to loading the dishwasher up.

Finally, DosageAssist is a feature that helps ensure perfect results with every wash. A spray arm dissolves the dishwasher tablet at exactly the right time during the wash cycle to ensure a flawlessly clean load every time.

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